Sometimes your home doesn’t move as fast as you do.

Home Owners

Vacant Home Caretakers understands the concerns and problems related to marketing a
vacant home. We work to transform your vacant property into a beautifully staged home that
will sell quickly. At no cost to you, we enhance the salability of your vacant home by placing a
carefully screened Home Manager that stages your home, maintains the landscaping, and
keeps your property in showing condition every day!  You save the cost of utilities, lawn care,
and inflated insurance while preventing vandalism and  having your home showcased and
presentable for potential buyers!

Home Managers

Enjoy upscale living at a fraction of the cost. This is an ideal situation for people looking for
short term living arrangement, who want to save for a home, or explore different home styles
and communities before purchasing.


Vacant properties are difficult listings for realtors. We manage and stage your vacant listings
so you can concentrate on what you do best- selling them. Our Home Managers turn the house
from a cold empty  space into a warm inviting home so your potential buyers first impression is
a positive experience.  All homes are in show to sell condition at all times and are available to
show without notice. The Home Manager is ready to move immediately and will not hold up a
closing sale.

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