Do your sellers have no place to go?

Have your SELLERS turned into BUYERS?  Has their home just sold, and they are currently looking for another but can’t seem to find that “Just Right House”? 

Do they have no place to go and don’t want to sign a long term lease?

Let Vacant Home Caretakers help you.

We can place your sellers/buyers as temporary Home Managers in a home that is currently on the market during the time that they are looking for their new home and waiting for it to close.  And those buyers building new homes don’t have to stay in tiny apartments; we have homes for them also!  It is as simple as that.

With Vacant Home Caretakers there are:

  1. No commitments with a lengthy lease.
  2. No large outlay of cash.
  3. Upscale homes in great communities
  4. Just an easy solution to temporary housing!

We understand their dilemma as well as yours and are willing to work with both of you to eliminate the stress in buying a new home.

They can even be a caretaker for one of your own vacant listings!

Please call for more information.

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