Looking for an alternative? They are responsible, motivated people who are looking for a short term living arrangement for many different reasons. They may be an executive relocating to the area, or home owners waiting for their home to see or
be built.

Vacant Home Caretakers uses carefully screened and qualified Home Managers to live in and care for your vacant home.

When using a Home Manager in your home, there will be:

  • NO MORE - Appointments to show
  • NO MORE - Delays in Closing
  • NO MORE - Dirty Houses
  • NO MORE – Unpaid Utility Bills
  • NO MORE – Uncared for Yards
  • NO MORE – Uncooperative Renters

Vacant Home Caretakers is a positive alternative to problem renters at NO COST to you.  Call us to use this successful marketing tool to sell a vacant home.

After 30 days your house can be uninsurable

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