Selling a home is a burdensome task at best.   It becomes more complicated if the home is vacant and you, the owners, are living in another area.  There are the cost of utilities, increased insurance, lawn care, plus the fear of vandalism or undetected problems such as water leaks and broken windows. 

Buyers find it difficult to visualize how the home would look furnished. Yet, a tastefully furnished, well maintained, smoke and pet free home creates an atmosphere of increased value in the mind of the buyer


We can transform the vacant house into a fully staged and managed home, keeping it spotlessly clean and ready for unannounced showings while maintaining your yard to increase the curb appeal.

  • A Home Manager occupies and furnishes it with quality furniture.
  • Utility costs are paid by the Home Manager
  • Home is in show-to-sell condition at all times
  • Insurance costs reduced because the home is occupied
  • Landscaping is maintained by the Home Manager
  • Frequent inspections are performed by Vacant Home Caretakers
  • Home Managers can move out quickly will not delay the closing
  • No cost to you, the homeowner!

Tastefully furnished and well maintained homes will have the atmosphere to increase interest, value, and a timely offer!

After 30 days your house can be uninsurable
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Who is a Home Manager?
Policies and Procedures for Home Managers

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