Realtor Benefits

Vacant Home Caretakers provides a free service to Realtors and Home owners to assist in the marketing of their vacant houses

Our marketing strategy reduces the Home Owners monthly cost and accelerates the sale of the property by transforming a vacant house into a beautifully decorated home.

We have created a way for the home to be occupied without the hassles associated with a renter

  • Carefully selected Home Managers furnish and decorate the vacant home to show the home at its maximum potential plus we regularly do inspections to insure our homeowner and the agent that the home is being maintained to our high standards. 
  • No more cold and uninviting showings.  The buyer is greeted by a warm cozy home and can visualize how the home would look with furniture  A tastefully furnished, well maintained home creates an atmosphere of increased value in the mind of the buyer.   The result is a quicker sale at a higher price.

  • The house remains with a lock box and in the multiple listing service and can be shown without notice.  Agents can count on the staged home to be immaculate and in show-to-sell condition at all times.
  • Once the property has an offer, Vacant Home Caretakers will move the Home Manager out of the property with no delay in closing the sale of the home.  Home Managers can be out in as short as 48 hours if needed.

Great curb appeal combined with attractive furniture provided by the Home Manager means a quicker and a more profitable sale.

Do your sellers have no place to go?
Who is a Home Manager?
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After 30 days your house can be uninsurable
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