A few testimonials from our satisfied customers:


“We had no offers in the first several months our house was on the market, when it was unoccupied; after the Home Managers moved in, within a couple of months we had several serious expressions of interest, a couple of offers and, ultimately a buyer. It may be coincidence, but I doubt it.  I know the house looked much more livable, clean and comfortable with your Home Managers in it. And they relieved me and our real estate agent of a major burden and extra cost, by overseeing the house. It's clear to me now that you have an ingenious idea that benefits everybody involved and provides a valuable service to a seller like me."    Camille Keyes

“When we left the area with our house unsold, our concern was how we would be able to maintain it in a salable condition. Vacant Home Caretakers certainly achieved that. From all accounts the house and garden were maintained in an excellent condition during the some three months before the final closing, and it was a welcome relief to know we could depend on you to resolve any problems which might occur." Joel Lindley


"Thank you for your excellent job staging my vacant listing with your home manager and their furnishings. The listing had been on the market for quite some time and after your Home Manager moved in, it sold right away! This is not surprising, because you made the place look great and your Home Manager was so accommodating and always kept the place looking spotless. Your service pays for itself, and I will use you for every vacant listing that comes my way!" Karen St. Christopher

"The fact that I have repeatedly worked with Vacant Home Caretakers for the past 11 years is testimony to their success. They definitely make a difference. Their homes always show beautifully and they respond immediately to any situation regardless of the time of day. Their service is vital to market houses that are empty and consequently difficult to sell."  Katie Davies

“Vacant Home Managers is a terrific tool for Realtors. They take vacant houses and make them wonderful. Many couples don't have the foresight to see how beautiful a house can look once it's furnished.  And accessibility is so easy! There are times when I wished I could replace a seller with a Home Manager” Allen Troy


"Living in a Vacant Home Caretakers house has been wonderful for my family! We had the opportunity to live in a home as nice as our own with no long term lease; the fees are reasonable; and Vacant Home Caretakers has been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Vacant Home Caretakers to anyone remodeling their home. It's been a successful venture for my family." Randy & Shelley Fairchild

"Vacant Home Caretakers provided the perfect arrangement for me during my relocation to the Tri Cities.  New in the city, I was not sure where to go for short term, affordable housing between the time my corporate relocation benefit ran out, and my home in California was sold.  I contacted Vacant Home Managers and learned about a Home Manager program they provide. I was offered a few homes to preview and moved into a house that week. The responsibilities as a Home Manager were very easy to manage and never interfered with my busy schedule. The skilled and friendly staff at Vacant Home Caretakers were always available and helpful and turned a potentially difficult and expensive situation into a win-win arrangement for all.. Thanks for a unique experience!"  Sandy Anderson

If you have any questions or comments about our services feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated so we can better serve our clients.

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