Who Are Home Managers?

Home Managers are carefully screened and fully insured people who are new to the area and want to explore different communities before they purchase, or who have recently sold their home in the area and need interim housing.   All appreciate and respect the value of a beautiful home.

  • The Home Managers move their furnishings into the home and stage it to show the home at its maximum poterntial.
  • They put all utilities in their name and maintain the lawn and gardens reducing the Owners overhead cost.
  • The house remains with a lock box and in the multiple listing service and can be shown without notice.  Agents can count on the staged home to be immaculate and in show-to-sell condition at all times 
  • Vacant Home Caretakers do unannounced inspections to insure your high standards. No pets or smokers are allowed in the home at any time.
  • There is no delay in closing the sale of your home as the Home Managers can be out in as short as 48 hours if needed.
  • Home Managers are potential homeowners who occasionally purchase the homes they manage.
  • Home Managers maintain a minimum of $300,000. in liability insurance
  • Home Managers main reason for being in the home is to enhance the homes salability and work closely with the Realtor and Owner in getting it sold quickly.

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